• PASV ports in FTP

    I was looking to simulate an embedded device for testing and looking into FTP server implementations a simple bitwise operations question popped up: the way PASV command is standardized requires TCP port numbers to be transferred in two octets represented as integers.

  • RSA Encryption and Decryption on the Web

    If you cannot enable SSL for whatever reason, you might still want to encrypt your sensitive information (such as passwords) over the wire. In this post I tried to put together a solution with working examples from various languages to make the client server communication secure using public cryptography with RSA.

  • Lightweight Cache Manager for .Net

    Simple cache manger came out of a need to get rid of some bulky libraries to do the simple caching of data. It’s only a couple of classes and easy to just copy-paste into your project.

  • Simple logging for ASP.NET Web API clients

    This is a quick and dirty example of how you can enable a simple form of logging for clients using ASP.NET Web API. I used log4net and an extremely simple controller to achieve this.

  • Back to blogging with Jekyll on Github

    It’s been a while since I posted any entries. I have been quite busy with stuff and so on (standard excuses). Now my blog is back on-line thanks to a super service provided by Github: Github Pages and the awesome project Jekyll: A static site generation tool.

  • C# channels

    Go is one of the new languages I came across and found interesting from a few of different angles. First of all it is compiled and statically typed somewhat comparable to Java and C#. Second interesting aspect is it's syntax; Although it is basically a C-like syntax there is one thing would catch your eyes first is the variable declarations - they are wrong way round! Well, "that's weird" was my first reaction but when you kind of get used to it, variable name first, type last notation starts to makes (arguable) more sense. After all variable name is more important than it's type when it comes to thinking about your programs logic. Last but not least, the approach to concurrency is very sensible; it has beautiful concurrent constructs like channels and Go Routines. This concurrency aspect interests me most and decided to do a little experiment in C#, implementing a very simple 'Channel'. (Hence this post and the cheese title)

  • Asp.Net CGI handler

    I created Asp.Net CGI Handler to enable some of the old Perl scripts to run under Asp.Net.

  • Mysqlexception Unable To Connect To Any Of The Specified Mysql Hosts

    Usually in batch type of MySql client code you might have seen this exception before: MySqlException: Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts (or similar, this one is specific to MySql .Net client)

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