RSA Encryption and Decryption on the Web

If you cannot enable SSL for whatever reason, you might still want to encrypt your sensitive information (such as passwords) over the wire. In this post I tried to put together a solution with working examples from various languages to make the client server communication secure using public cryptography with RSA.

This post focuses on C# and Javascript interoperability. Below is a C# example using Bouncycastle project:

{% highlight c# %} const string PrivateKey = @“—–BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY—– MIICXgIBAAKBgQDOFfwbqHOmQWYc50XxsR+dLyNUSwsaQ3tx225AvYEOs9bSS3VV …. 4/uGrlWiOG8EHeL1RUW/s5LezT1RFlL15RuSq4tHH/GI6w== —–END RSA PRIVATE KEY—– “;

readonly Lazy _cipher = new Lazy(() => { var rsa = new Pkcs1Encoding(new RsaEngine()); var pemReader = new PemReader(new StringReader(PrivateKey)); var keyPair = (AsymmetricCipherKeyPair)pemReader.ReadObject(); rsa.Init(false, keyPair.Private); return rsa; });

string Decrypt(string base64Input) { var buf = Convert.FromBase64String(base64Input); byte[] block = _cipher.Value.ProcessBlock(buf, 0, buf.Length);

return Encoding.UTF8.GetString(block);

} {% endhighlight %}

As for the client side I used the JSEncrypt project which has a extremely simple API:

{% highlight javascript %} var crypt = new JSEncrypt(); crypt.setPublicKey(‘—–BEGIN PUBLIC KEY—–….—–END PUBLIC KEY—–’); var enc = crypt.encrypt($scope.secret); {% endhighlight %}

All the examples keys can be generated using OpenSSL. You can also validate encryption and decryption results too.

{% highlight bash %}

Generate new keys:

openssl genrsa -out key.pem 1024 openssl rsa -pubout -in key.pem -out public_key.pem

Encrypt using public key:

echo “Text to encript” | openssl rsautl -encrypt -inkey public_key.pem -pubin -out enc.bin openssl base64 -e -in out.enc -out enc.txt

Decrypt using private key:

openssl base64 -d -in enc.txt -out enc.bin openssl rsautl -decrypt -inkey key.pem -in enc.bin {% endhighlight %}

It sounds like it could be easy to find other examples in various languages too. For Objective-C examples check out Launckey documentation for encryption.

You can find a simple web application (in ASP.Net WebAPI) under mtmk GitHub secpassx repository.


March 15, 2015 | 295 Words

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