These are my pertty much random notes about my experiences during my work as software developer. I hope one or two of them helps you or inspire you in your development work.

Have fun

Switched to Netlify

December 27, 2018 Switched from GitHub Pages to Netlify to host my blog. My repos are still kept on GitHub. On top of static site serving, Netlify seems to have offerings for executed or dynamic content as well, which I might make use of in the future. I’m keeping the repo here: github.com/mtmk/blog-hugo/ziyas-blog

Finally Switched to Hugo

June 25, 2018

I have been looking into using Hugo for a long time. Finally managed to make the transition. Also I decided not to use a ready made theme and created my simple layout and CSS using Skeleton as my CSS framework.

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PASV ports in FTP

March 25, 2015

I was looking to simulate an embedded device for testing and looking into FTP server implementations a simple bitwise operations question popped up: the way PASV command is standardized requires TCP port numbers to be transferred in two octets represented as integers.

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RSA Encryption and Decryption on the Web

March 15, 2015

If you cannot enable SSL for whatever reason, you might still want to encrypt your sensitive information (such as passwords) over the wire. In this post I tried to put together a solution with working examples from various languages to make the client server communication secure using public cryptography with RSA.

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Lightweight Cache Manager for .Net

March 11, 2015

Simple cache manger came out of a need to get rid of some bulky libraries to do the simple caching of data. It’s only a couple of classes and easy to just copy-paste into your project.

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C# channels

September 03, 2010

Go is one of the new languages I came across and found interesting from a few of different angles.

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